Seed IV


Serie Semillas (IV).
Interpretación personal de Ainoa López Riesco sobre los ciclos femeninos y su relación con la naturaleza.

- Linograbado.
- Tinta negra offset sobre papel Hahnemüle, 18 x 25 cm.
- Serie de 50 obras firmadas y numeradas.
- Edición cerrada, nos comprometemos a no reestampar obras posteriores a la tirada original.

Seed series (IV).
A personal interpretation about female life cycle and its relationship with nature. Series of linocut prints made by Ainoa López Riesco.

- Linocut print.
- Black Offset ink on Hahnemüle paper of 18 x 25 cm.
- Limited run of 50. All of the prints are numbered and signed by the artist.
- Once the limited edition is sold out, it will be closed.